Job Search Update


HR Wench wants to hear an update about my job search. (Holy crap, stop the presses! Who doesn’t want to hear about it?!)

Let me tell you, the timing of the Wench’s question couldn’t be better because I just had a conversation about the concept of ‘working’ with my husband:

  • Laurie: Oh man, what will I do when I finally have to get a job?
  • The Husband: You’ll probably complain about it.

Nice. The man knows me.

I am actively seeking employment (& actively using passive voice to describe my job search) — and I hope to find a job where someone pays me to do something interesting and fun. Without much accountability. And a nice office.

There is a ton of activity in my job-seeking world. For example, I met with my outplacement coach on Monday to assess my search. I’m not embarrassed to say that my job search has officially hit — as the kids like to say — rock bottom. It’s in the toilet. After a brief discussion of my job search strategy (i.e., Mega Millions), I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I won’t find a job in the near future. I’m a punk-rock-post-feminist who made the decision to follow her husband’s job and career.”

Wow. Talk about a therapy moment. I finally outed myself as a very traditional woman who put her eggs — very large, brown, organic eggs — into her husband’s basket. I’m not apologizing for it, either. (Not that anyone is asking me to apologize.) I’m a fast-thinking woman with mad HR skillz. I’m talented and employable (if you look past the yoga pants and the bed head). At the end of the day, I will get a job.

So HR Wench wants an update? Here it is —

    • I can’t seem to find anyone who wants to pay me to stay home with the cats.
    • I don’t know where & when the husband will find a job. When I talk to national recruiters, I tell them that I’m open to a job anywhere as long as they find my husband a job. (They usually say, “That’s not helpful.”)
    • I gave a copy of my resume to a recruiter and shared my salary expectations. She responded via email and asked for a copy of my W2 (for proof of my salary). I don’t blame her. It’s my guess that she either thinks that my resume sucks or that I was overpaid. (Or both?)

      To summarize: I would say that the job search is not going well. Fortunately, I have learned a few things about the state of the Human Resources employment market:

        • There are a ton of HR jobs out there. Really.
        • Most of the HR jobs are a combination of administrative assistant & personnel coordinator. If you’re okay earning $14/hr, you can achieve your dreams and be a Human Resources assistant!
        • Most HR Specialist roles out there (minus recruiting) are technical and involve math and an MBA. I’m not qualified, and I wouldn’t work in Human Resources if I could do math or had a graduate degree.

          Nevertheless, I’m optimistic about the future. I’m still talking to recruiters, I’m still looking on Monster, and I did pay for a subscription to The Ladders. As soon as my dream job comes along, you guys will be the first to know.

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