Job Searching Over Labor Day Weekend


If you live in America, many people feel like the time between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is the best window to get a job. I am not so sure about that, but let me give you a few pieces of advice.

  • Don’t spend all of Labor Day Weekend on the internet looking for a job.
  • Use a service like Indeed or LinkUp to search for openings. Glance, review and then get off the computer.
  • Don’t send an email or a resume over Labor Day weekend to someone with a job. It will get lost.

Yes, you can freak out and spend the entire weekend locked in your basement obsessing over your resume. But I think you should go to a picnic or a parade and meet people — especially small business owners — who might be hiring. Talk to those neighbors of yours who might know about a few job openings.

And try not to obsess over the things you don’t have — like money.

Nothing good comes of that.

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