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Here’s an update: I’m not just an angry HR blogger. I’m a great HR blogger, too. (Thanks, Dan!)

I hate mixed messages. How confusing. What do I put on my business card?!


This reminds me of the time when I was called into a VP’s office for an emergency meeting (& aren’t they all emergency meetings?) about a rogue employee.

What makes someone a rogue employee?

  • The kid put DIRECTOR on his business card instead of ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR.

Oh the humanity!

So I asked the VP, “Why would this relatively new employee think that he’s a DIRECTOR instead of an ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR?”

(There was a pause, and we all know the implications of the pause.)

Turns out that the VP offered the employee a job at the DIRECTOR, placed him at the level of a DIRECTOR on the job code/grade scale, pays him as a DIRECTOR, and wrote the title DIRECTOR on the offer letter with the recruiter; however, the VP must call the employee ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR on the official org chart for political reasons.

To which I replied, “Boy, your problems in life are tough. Looks like he’s a DIRECTOR to me.”


This is what I used to do before I blogged in public, and I actually enjoyed it. Weird.

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