.Jobs Domains and The Impact on You


Friends, Romans, Countrymen — this is important.

You know how hard it is to navigate around a career website, right? At some point in the future, more companies and recruiting firms (globally) may be able to do something new. They will be able to buy a domain and create a website that uses their names + .jobs so you can find their open positions.

I know. Bold. Crazy. Simple.  Some companies are already using the new nomenclature to make their lives easier.

Unfortunately, this basic news gets a little complicated. If I’m getting this right, there is a company that owns administers the .jobs suffix and they are working with SHRM (an association that represents HR people) to create revised governance around the process of acquiring and maintaining domain names. Governance means rules, regulations, and processes. It can also mean pricing, inclusion, and access.

What’s worse is that neither the company nor SHRM have reached out to anyone in the traditional recruiting & HR space to ask for feedback. They are going ahead and creating rules without much transparency or input from the people and business owners who might use theses domains now or in the future.

How does this impact you?

  • Small business owners may find themselves facing hurdles to create .jobs websites.
  • As usual, HR and Recruiting professionals will be responsible for owning and maintaining these new .jobs sites.
  • IT departments will be asked to build networks and support the .jobs domain with hardware and infrastructure.
  • Lawyers will write guidance and ensure that the new .jobs websites comply with standards.
  • Finance departments will have to budget for these new sites and to ensure that headcount is approved to support these sites.
  • Job seekers will still have to figure out how to find jobs on the internet. Multiple platforms. Stupid software. Slow networks. All those problems you face now when you apply for a job online? Could get worse.

Here’s what I think: no one is asking for your opinion on the .jobs domains for a reason. They don’t want it. Your opinion doesn’t matter.

It’s hard enough to get a job in this new global economy. Do you want a bunch of bureaucrats making decisions about how you get a job? Don’t you want the process of finding a job to be easier? Or would you rather continue to fill out hundreds of job applications online, see the same jobs posted on multiple job boards, and wonder how to get your resume in front of a hiring manager?

I need you to do something for me.

  1. Read more about the .jobs issue.
  2. Develop a quick point-of-view on this issue. You are educated. You don’t need a PhD to figure out if this feels right & wrong.
  3. Go here and register.
  4. Tell the owners of .jobs that you want transparency and accountability when it comes to the .jobs domain.
  5. Leave a comment. Think big. What works on traditional career websites and job boards? What doesn’t? What can be improved? What changes are needed to help you find a job faster?

Any input you have would be welcomed and appreciated. Even if you think this is no big deal, please make your feelings known.

If you do this, I’ll owe you. Big time.

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