Jobs in the New Economy


I have a friend who is a Human Resources Director turned stay-at-home-mom because she can’t find a job that pays enough to cover daycare expenses.

I know IT professionals who are waitresses. Some are working as receptionists.

I know teachers who’ve been laid off and are collecting unemployment.


Do you have people like this in your life? Your family? What do you tell them?

I am certain that people aren’t defined by work unless they want to be defined by work. I think it’s a choice. Unfortunately, when you are faced with a lifetime of being a Human Resources Director only to find yourself sitting at home and making salami sandwiches, you don’t know how to define yourself.

I get it.

A hobby just won’t do. It’s not enough.


Are you one of those people transitioning into a new role? How do you define yourself now that you are out of work? What are you doing to make the transition easier on your psyche? Can you make it easier?


Tell us your story, today. We want to hear it.

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