John Mayer, Taylor Swift and Career Denial


I am no fan of John Mayer but he is right that my body is a wonderland. (Dude, thank you for noticing.)

I find him to be a douchey cliche of himself. When I hear one of John Mayer’s songs on satellite radio — which is about every five minutes when they’re not playing Adele or All American Rejects — I think about every guy who wanted to tell me about his dreams and his future without asking about mine.

No thanks.

So it’s funny on all kinds of levels to read that John Mayer blames Taylor Swift for the demise of his career.


He reminds me of most guys who can’t understand why things aren’t going their way. “I’m handsome, wealthy and supremely talented. It must be a woman’s fault.”

You probably experience this kind of denial in your own work environment. There are guys all around you who think — I’d get promoted if it weren’t for that one experience at the holiday party. And surely my boss would notice me if that white/black/Asian/gay/disabled person wasn’t in my way.

And the truth of the matter is that John Mayer may have been knifed in the back by Taylor Swift after a pretty stupid romance — and I don’t know because I don’t know any of her songs — but he also said that he’d never fuck a black chick.

So, uh, yeah.

  • It couldn’t be blatant racism that ruined John Mayer.
  • It wasn’t John Mayer who ruined John Mayer.
  • It was a woman.

As usual.


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