John McCain Hates Women And Equal Pay


John McCain is known to have a nasty temper and to drop the c-word in reference to his wife, but even I don’t believe that he hates women.

He just hates Lilly Ledbetter and Fair Pay Restoration Act of 2007.

What’s this all about, you ask? Here’s a mash-up summary from Middle Class dot Org and the CNN website:

An Alabama woman, Lilly Ledbetter, claimed that her employer, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., paid men doing similar work 15 to 40 percent more. Ledbetter said she discovered the discrepancy late in her career — too late, SCOTUS ruled, to go to court.

The Supreme Court ruled that Lilly Ledbetter was not eligible for compensation despite years of being paid far less than her male peers and even some male subordinates. According the Court, unlawful discrimination had occurred only when her employer first set the discriminatory pay rate, even though Ledbetter had no way of knowing about it until years later. Under this ruling, since Ledbetter

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