Just One More Thing About BlogHer: Elizabeth Edwards


Elizabeth Edwards spoke at BlogHer, this evening, and I was moved by her genuine belief in her husband’s mission. I also love the fact that she blogs.

A couple of things that became clear to me as I listened to Elizabeth speak very clearly and openly about her husband’s campaign:

  • I believe that John’s campaign makes a compelling case for universal health care coverage without the faux-trappings of a public/private partnership. When was the last time a corporation felt compelled to work on behalf of the American public?
  • Corporations are built to make a profit, and they are beholden to investors — not to the average American on the streets of Kalamazoo. The Edwards health care initiative could free up capital markets to reward companies who focus on innovation & product development instead of companies who cut costs and squeeze every nickel out of the global marketplace through outsourcing & importing.

I also believe that John Edwards — while not as experienced as Hillary on the global stage — sees a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to our fears of China’s emerging economic influence. If done properly, America could create a program that ends poverty, improves our infrastructure, secures our borders, and trains and retrains adults to move from one career sector to another as a part of (what Elizabeth called) lifelong learning in our global economy.

So I’m back in the Edwards camp. Elizabeth did a great job at BlogHer, and I believe that John’s fight to end poverty is a strategy that benefits America both at home & abroad.

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