Kennedy Expo: Peter Weddle


I sat in a chair that was reserved for a speaker to sign copies of his book. Turns out I have no manners and I just assume that an empty seat is mine to take.

The speaker was gracious and introduced himself as Peter Weddle. When I introduced myself, he said, “I’ve heard of your blog.”

Oh snap, really?

A woman then approached Mr. Weddle and said, “Your message is the right message for right now.”

What? No one ever says those things to me. I don’t know anything about Peter Weddle and his message, but his book is Recognizing Richard Rabbit. I now own a copy.

Apparently, Richard Rabbit and Peter Weddle are kind of a big deal. Unfortunately, as I type this blog post, I want to call him Richard Webble and refer to his book as Recognizing Peter Rabbit. I better get that straight before I see him, again.

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