Sorry, kiddo. This movie too violent.A friend of mine called me kiddo.

This isn’t anything new. He always calls me kiddo. It’s his thing. The weird part is that, out of the blue, it pissed me off.

I thought, “He is three years older than me. What the heck?”

So I gave this friend of mine some feedback and told him to stop. Then I thought about the reasons why it bugged me.

  • Kiddo makes me feel dumb.
  • I heard kiddo throughout my career from men and women in HR who wanted to put me in my place.
  • Kiddo is a dismissive word used to tell an entire story about power and control in two syllables.

I also know that kiddo is an affectionate term, too, so I’m not too upset. My friend loves me. He would never offer anything but support and kindness.

So I wonder what you hear when someone says kiddo? Do you call anyone kiddo? Are there other terms or phrases you’ve heard that drive you crazy?

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