Kids These Days


My philosophy class began, this evening, and I entered the school with a tremendous amount of trepidation. I was worried about the coursework, worried about my ability to keep up, and worried that I would make a fool out of myself. That’s a ton of unnecessary worry for a woman (with a bachelors degree) who is auditing a course at a community college, right?

I don’t need to do any work. I just need to show up and smile. What’s the anxiety all about?

Turns out that I’ll be fine; however, college is so much different, these days. I know that I’m not attending Harvard, but the standards of classroom behavior are so much different. I’m thirty-two years old and felt like a fuddy duddy.

  • What’s with the conference room style of learning? Where are the wooden desks?
  • Why are kids texting one another during the lecture?
  • Why does the professor use a computer during his lecture?
  • Is there really free wifi throughout the building?!

My college experience began in 1992: no computers, no email, no electronic means of communicating with the professor. There were strict office hours, limited interruptions during class, and no cell phones.

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