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Hello Laurie,

I follow you on Twitter and love reading your blog! So, onto my profile…

I live at the beach in New Jersey – Barnegat Light to be specific. I’m a Human Resources Director with 23 years of Generalist experience. I’ve been planning to relocate to NJ from Philadelphia, PA so I have had 2 recent interim positions. I’m now in NJ and looking for a senior level HR gig. Simply put, I would like is to settle in with a progressive and forward-thinking organization for the long haul.

I don’t have a picture of a cat to send you but I do have wonderful twins who are freshmen in college (yep, pic attached). I don’t know how I did it and I wouldn’t do it again for a million bucks (no, I really would not!). I’m embarking on a new and wonderful journey of being an empty nester. When I’m in a job interview and am asked, “What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment?” I want to say, “My kids” but I don’t… obviously!

Back to HR… I consider myself versatile because I enjoy unconventional thinking when approaching problem solving. I love employee relations and performance management issues along with the “grey” areas of HR – everything that most folks want to run away from. The problem solving when working with people results in no 2 days being alike. Every situation and every single person is different and it’s exciting! We can’t predict how each individual will react to the same exact statement so there are no blanket solutions to issues when human beings are involved. I pride myself in the ability to coach managers and employees on how to speak to one another and solve their own interpersonal and performance issues. There are ways this can be done respectfully and without breaking anyone’s morale or spirit.

Yes, HR steps in when necessary to be the tough guy, but I enjoy teaching and have had enormous job satisfaction when I hear, “Thank you, that was really helpful.”

In summary, I’m the ultimate HR professional with a sense of humor. I’m tough, empathetic and have a strong business acumen. I am looking to network with individuals who value HR – I can add value to a small to mid-sized organization and my experience in working in diverse industries will attest to my versatility.

Let’s talk!

Best regards,
Kimberly A. Roden

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