I am the proud, temporary foster parent of six ‘motherless’ kittens. They are six days old and weigh less than 5 oz. — their mom was shot by some yahoo in a trailer park. I’d like to shoot that guy.

I’ve never fed kitties with a bottle, so this is an interesting experience. It’s so weird how life just happens. One minute I’m discussing the feminist issues of cleavage as it relates to hot weather, and then the next minute I am holding orphan kittens.

I have an interesting day ahead of me. Vet visits, every-three-hour bottle feedings, and paying attention to my own kitties so they don’t feel secondary. I need to take a shower. Also: avoid doing anything to kill the kitties. There are so many variable: I can’t overfeed, underfeed, they must be ‘stimulated’ to defecate, etc.

How do mama cats give birth without internet research and resource pages??

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