KODA: New Job Site Needs Your Feedback


Do you remember when I went to a tweet-up in New Orleans? The event was coordinated by Franny Oxford, and one of the sponsors of was KODA.

I have no idea how this happened, but Katie Del Guercio [who is the biz development director of KODA] and I have become fast friends. She is fun, smart, and very passionate about helping people  find new jobs. Moreover, she wants people to find great careers. Needless to say, Katie is much more optimistic than I am.

I tooled around the site, and I’m now a big fan of KODA. Unlike traditional job boards, you have the ability to fill out a richer, more meaningful profile. The technology is a little faster and brighter, too. Right now, the site is in beta and Katie is looking for feedback from job seekers. Can you create a profile and take the site for a spin? Send Katie feedback or feel free to leave comments below.


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