Punk Rock HR Questions: Kymaro Body Shaper


I get a ton of questions on a weekly basis. Questions about career advice, work conflict, and relationship issues with colleagues and peers.

I also get questions about the Kymaro body shaper.

I want to know — why are you writing to a former HR professional for career advice? Life advice? Advice on how to hide your fat? What the heck can I offer you?

  • Work is a transaction. You get hassled. You get paid.
  • A career can represent a journey, a passion, and a calling. It can also represent a body of time spent getting hassled and getting paid.
  • The best body shaper on the market is Spanx. You get what you pay for in life and in hosiery.

There you go. All of my wisdom. I’m going to stop blogging at this point. I’m done.

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