Labor Day Speeches


I was listening to POTUS, this morning, and heard a series of Labor Day speeches from presidents and politicians. Bill Clinton spoke to an audience at the Alameda Labor Day Picnic in Pleasanton, CA, in 1995. Here is an excerpt of what he said.

This crazy idea that by convincing hard working middle class people the reason they don’t have a good income is because of welfare or affirmative action or immigration…that’s not what holds your wages down. What’s holding your wage down is the inability to get a fair deal in a competitive global economy. And you know that in your heart of hearts. This country never got anywhere being divided against one another.

I hear the rhetoric about Van Jones, Obama’s speech for kids, and the healthcare debate and I wonder — is this 1995 or 2008 2009?

Have we made such little progress in thirteen fourteen years?


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