Last Week Was So Gay


The past few weeks have been so gay.

  • Chik-fil-A owned up to being homophobic and won’t apologize for it. This is ‘murica. They can be bigots.
  • The Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed its ban against gay scouts. Turns out that you can hate gay people, cover up sex abuse and still pretend like you espouse traditional family values.
  • Anti-gay sentiment is on the rise in Ukraine. Yes, Ukraine. It matters, people. Pay attention.

Also, Sally Ride is dead. Did you know she was a lesbian? I had no idea, which is how it should be in a world based on merit and accomplishment. She was a scientist, a teacher and an astronaut. What else is there? Oh yeah, there’s this: her partner of 27 years doesn’t qualify for any federal benefits because of DOMA.

You say — it’s not all bad, Laurie.  There are one or two black, gay, male hip-hop artists. The Muppets don’t like Chik-fil-A. And Target is selling same-sex greeting cards.

Oh, I see. It gets better. Unless you’re gay and living in Iraq. Then you have to immigrate to The Netherlands in order to feel safe bIecause, despite trillions of American dollars spent on that country, Iraq is no longer safe for homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons.


But there was some good gay news, last week.

Did you know that AIDS deaths are dropping worldwide as access to drugs improves? And Anthony Fauci says that the end of AIDS is in sight. It’s not about abstinence-only education. It’s about having multiple tools in the arsenal to save lives — especially the lives of black gay males in the southern United States. They have some of the highest HIV-AIDS rates in the world.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, I dunno. All too often, your HR lady tells you to bring your whole self to work. She wants you to feel engaged and connected to your job — unless you are gay. Then it becomes a political discussion — like Mitt strapping Seamus to the roof of his car or Barack Obama’s vacation — and not meant for work.

And I think work is the nexus of politics, power and money. Not everyone is Anderson Cooper. Most of us can still be fired for being gay at work. And the discrimination doesn’t stop until you make it stop by demanding more from your employer, your boss and your frumpy HR lady.

I want to leave you with one more good, gay thing. Google has an excellent campaign called Legalise Love. It was covered by many news organizations. The movement espouses equality at work and in life. It doesn’t push for legalization of marriage in the United States — although stodgy old Microsoft supports and advocates for gay marriage — but it’s a good start. It gets better at Google, I guess. And it was offensive enough to irritate an anti-gay group who might boycott Google.

Good luck with that boycott, chumps.

And never let anyone tell you that work isn’t supposed to be political. Especially a frumpy HR lady.

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