Leadership Carnival #3: Palin Style


Miss Wasilla 1984

The Leadership & Development Carnival is up @ Great Leadership by Dan, and there’s a lovely twist on Sarah Palin’s sudden rise to prominence on the American political scene. Is she ready to lead? Can we trust her as McCain’s VP?

She will be ready to ascend to the presidency if she follows the links on Dan‘s blog. [REVISED: I’m not serious. She’ll never be ready, but that’s another post.]

I submitted my post on Sarah Palin and the link between succession planning and the VP selection process; however, Dan linked to my discussion on Sarah Palin’s hair. I don’t blame him. Why talk issues when you can talk highlights, lowlights, and foils?

Go check out the leadership carnival, or go to HRM Today and read more from HR & Organizational Development leaders in our field.

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