Leadership: Lou Holtz Makes an Intern Cry


It’s no secret that I have no love or respect for Lou Holtz.

For my international readers, Holtz used to coach college football for Notre Dame. (Not your football. American football.) You can google him.

But for some reason, his former job as a football coach of America’s most hated school makes him an expert on politics, leadership, and motivation.

Now this classy guy makes interns cry.

[CRAP — once a video is discovered, it seems that the embedding is disabled. Go watch it here.]

Such a tough life, Lou. Working with interns — women, no less! — who can’t mic you up properly. Making her cry. That’s real leadership. Why don’t you write a book about it?

I want that intern’s name. I want to help her find a real job.


Love this update from Christin.

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