Learning from Unemployment


The best advice I have for job seekers is to remember how it feels to be a job seeker when you finally go back to work.

And you will go back to work.

Think about what you’re going through right now. Feel it. Take a mental snapshot and store it away for safekeeping. Remember how sad you felt when you couldn’t get an interview? Remember what it was like to wake up in the morning and have nothing to do? Think about those calls from your creditors. The scary feeling that you might lose it all because you can’t find work? How will you treat coworkers? How will you treat people who want to work for your company? What happens when you have conflict at your new job?

So I guess I’m really asking—what’s important to you? What will you learn? What have you already learned about your job, the nature of employment, and what it means to work in America?

And what will you do differently the next time around?

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