Lessons from Daschle


I am heartbroken that Daschle withdrew his nomination for Secratary of HHS.

We need health care reform in America and we also need personal tax reform. We are losing sight of both issues because of the partisanship in Washington DC.

I watch these fights in Washington and I think there but for the grace of God go I.

Just like Timothy Geitner, I don’t have a fancy accountant. I use Turbo Tax to file my returns. Just like Tom Daschle, I found myself leaving a low-paying job and earning more than I had ever earned in my life. Dachle’s net-worth was under a million bucks when he left the US Senate. If someone gave me a chauffeur and driver, I doubt that I would know that it was taxable income. I wouldn’t have a clue. That’s not the kind of life I lead, and I know it wasn’t the kind of life Tom Daschle led before he took his lobbying job.

We love to beat up on politicians who make mistakes, and we wonder why the government can’t attract the best and the brightest. Honestly, you couldn’t pay me to undergo the kind of scrutiny that’s given to our public servants. I would rather be a servant of my own self-interests than jump into the federal workforce and be held to a standard that most of my fellow Americans could not meet.

This is not a principled fight in Washington. This is about politics invading the talent acquisition process — just like at your company, only with bigger consquences. Recruiting for important federal positions just got a little harder, today.

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