Life Intrudes: Why I'm Not Going to BlogHer


Dudes, I’m not going to BlogHer in San Francisco and I’m totes sad about it. The needs of my personal life — relocating & all that nonsense — override the needs of my bloggy life. I don’t have time to be a feminist punk rock HR blogger because I’m busy being a stay-at-home kitty mom with a house to sell and a suburban life to manage.

So I’ll be home in Michigan while HR Wench, Average Jane, and the girls from Elastic Waist enjoy a fun-filled weekend in SF. It’s probably a good thing that I’m not attending because I’d spend my time staring at David Beckham.

PS – A warning to all those who are attending: Watch out for the conservative mommy bloggers. I warned HR Wench that they’ll cut your eyes out with a baby spoon.

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