Guest Blogging: Lindsay Olson Needs Your Help!


monopFrom Lindsay Olson, who is looking for guest bloggers!

Ok, it’s about time I pull my “get out of jail free” card. Every woman should be able to do this in my situation.

I’m very pregnant. Enough said?

In two very short weeks, Baby Fernandez-Olson will be joining us. I’m planning to take a bit of downtime for baby and my sanity. I expect I won’t have as much time to write and the frequency of my posts will slow down for at least several weeks. It’s already happening. Between working as much as possible, last minute preparations, waiting for doctors and test results, appreciating interior bathroom design, and spending more time trying to find a comfortable position to sleep than actually sleeping, I just can’t find enough energy to keep up.

Of course, I plan to return to my normal self as soon as possible and you’ll be able to find me on Twitter and Facebook.

I don’t want to leave the blog too quiet. I’m looking for a few guest bloggers who are interested in being heard and help me maintain my content over the next couple of months. In addition to being posted here, the posts are syndicated on a few different networks including Brazen Careerist and cross-posted to my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn networks.

Main criteria for a post:

  1. The post must follow the theme of this blog: job search and employment related content, recruiting (written for hiring managers and/or candidates), social media, or anything about the public relations industry.
  2. Original content and not previously posted on another blog.
  3. Provide links and any images you want to go along with the post with appropriate attribution.
  4. A short (two- to three-sentence bio).

If you want to make sure I’ll post your idea, feel free to email me about it. Please send post submissions to Lindsay (at) paradigmstaffing (dot) com.

I’m also accepting ideas for baby girl names that work in English and Spanish. Two weeks to go and no names – we need all the suggestions we can get!

Photo credit: Mark Strozier

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