LinkedIn & Seven Things About Work


I updated my LinkedIn Profile to include the summary of qualifications written by my family and friends. I think it’s going to land me the job of my dreams as a pole dancer or a radio announcer. Maybe a cat wrangler.

Really, the options are limitless with that kind of awesome summary. If you’re on LinkedIn and you aren’t linked to me, you really ought to change your mind. A connection to this Cynical Girl can open doors.


There is a meme floating around the interwebs that asks you to describe seven random things about yourself.

What’s. With. The. Memes????

I see these writing exercises as a form of therapy — self-help, if you will — and we all know how I feel about self-help:

If I wanted to help myself, I wouldn’t do it for free on the interwebs. I’d pay a therapist, keep a personal journal, and then write a book about my experience and sell it to you on Amazon for $19.95. Then I would make a Lifetime Movie out of my experiences staring Christine Lahti.

Nevertheless, I’ll give you a little piece of Laurie Ruettimann via another meme called Seven Things About Work.

  1. I don’t like to work.
  2. If I’m going to work, I want to be paid lots of money.
  3. If you get in my way and try to stop me from making lots of money, I will make life difficult for you.
  4. If you make life difficult for other people who are trying to make lots of money, I will make life difficult for you.
  5. If I’m bored at work and I’ve run out of websites to browse, I will probably get a cup of coffee and make life difficult for you on my way to the cafeteria.
  6. If you’re a baby boomer, I will absolutely make life difficult for you.
  7. Don’t try to manage me. Ever.

Wow, in retrospect, that was very therapeutic.

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