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I’m presenting to Green Bay SHRM, today. We’re talking about blogging and social media.

Really, it’s an opportunity for me to talk to HR people and encourage them to do things differently. Sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn’t. I know that I’ll hear objections. I will be told that legal and IT have blocked access to social media tools and have enhanced the firewalls. I will hear that people fear the blending of personal and professional identities.

So I understand the objections, but I will remind HR professionals that it’s their job to listen to the marketplace, hear what people are saying about their employment brand, and engage with potential candidates on their terms. I will also remind HR people that it’s a competitive advantage to use social tools. It’s not 1999, anymore.

I will also remind everyone in that room that HR still has one of the worst professional brands out there. Want to find a job where you watch Dancing with the Stars, have 100 cats, and die in a cubicle? Go into HR.

Change or die. That’s the message. What else should I tell these local HR professionals? These are the people who hire you and address your employee complaints on a daily basis. What do they need to hear?

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