Long Hair on Men at Work: Part II


My post on guys with long hair has generated crazy traffic to my site. There are many confused men who ask crazy questions, and I refer them to The Beauty Brains so they can learn how to care for their hair. It is not as easy as you’d think, and most guys have no idea how to manage & maintain a full head of hair.

Here’s the best question, so far.

I was just curious, how can someone be able to judge if long hair ‘works’ for guys, or doesn’t? It would seem to be more of a biased/preference thing? I mean, I’m sure you may feel that long hair on, oh, some Finnish metal band doesn’t work, where 1000+ girls may disagree.

Also, many like to classify long hair,more like, emo/shaggy hair, which really is a joke. At minimum, hair has to be shoulder length to truly be identified as long. IMO anyway.

But back to my initial point…what factors determine whether or not long hair works on a guy? Length? Condition? It seems more of an individual decision than a general one.

Looking forward to your reply.

Yes, hair must be shoulder-length to be considered long. This is a universal truth. Shaggy emo cuts do not apply.

The single most important factor that determines whether or not long hair works on a guy? It’s the guy. Some dudes look like Michael Hutchence, and some look like David Carradine. It’s a fine line, and it’s also worth noting that both celebrities (allegedly) died from autoerotic asphyxiation.

If you want a corporate 9-5 job and you want to avoid being mistaken for an aging hipster who’s into kinky sex, keep your hair short. If you want to buck the system and rock out in a Finnish metal band, grow your hair out because it’s part of who you are as an artist.



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