Looking for a Job & Dating


Lots of career websites equate looking for a job with dating.

In my family, dating someone means that you like the guy more than he likes you. When he starts to lose interest, you get pregnant. When he really starts to lose interest (again), you get pregnant (again) so you can get married. And if you’re really smart, you never get a job and make him work two. How could he leave you when you’re unemployed and have his kids? (Answer: he can leave you pretty easily.)

There but for the grace of God go I.

And I’m not fooling myself. It could still happen.

So I prefer to think that looking for a job is a little more thoughtful than dating. You can control your situation. Start early. Always be hustling, yo. Express an interest in companies that pay a living wage. Don’t settle for a crappy situation unless you have a plan for unsettling. And know that you don’t have to be desperate.

Lucky for you, even when you’re desperate, your job can’t get you pregnant.

Well, not at most jobs.

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