Looking Forward to the British Grand Prix


The British F1 – and racing – fans are among the best, most passionate fans in the world, which is why the Formula 1 British Grand Prix is always a thrilling event to see. Silverstone is a power track, pushing Formula 1 cars to the edge of what they can do, with plenty of action for fans to see. It is also a high-speed circuit that demands good aerodynamics to keep the cars together.

This year’s Formula 1 British Grand Prix is still a couple of races away, but there are already some exciting things brewing in the background. Sources such as Betting Experts and Matchbook are already calculating the odds of who is going to be standing on the podium.

What are the things to look forward to? Let’s find out, shall we?

A Possible London Streets Demonstration

The organisers behind the British Grand Prix are discussing the possibility of hosting a pre-race demonstration in London. It would be the first one in London and it will be a spectacular scene to behold. Imagine Formula 1 cars roaring past Trafalgar Square and the House of Parliament; it would be an epic sight.

This new idea is being worked out with the support of Liberty Media, Formula 1’s new owner who took control of the sport earlier this year. It is not a secret that Liberty wants to involve more major cities across the world and London is the perfect place to start.

The demonstration itself will be held four days before the actual race in July. If an agreement comes through, the event will be one of those rare occasions when you can get very close to an F1 car in action and witness it first-hand.

A Heating Battle

This year’s F1 British Grand Prix will also be very exciting thanks to the rivalries happening right now. Mercedes is no longer the dominant team in the field after Ferrari showed what they can do in the last few races. In fact, as of now, the two teams are only separated by one point – yes, a single point – in the Constructors’ Championship.

Silverstone’s fast-pace straights will certainly benefit Mercedes. They have a superb team working on aerodynamics and new designs around the clock, so it won’t be surprising to see them be the fastest on the day. We might even see a number of track records being broken this year. Don’t dismiss Ferrari just yet, though, because they too are working on upgrades that will further improve their cars.

A Spectacular Event

The best way to enjoy the British Grand Prix is by being part of the excitement at Silverstone. This year, however, we have a sneaking suspicion that the event will also transform cities like London into one big party that everyone – particularly racing fans – can enjoy.

As mentioned at the beginning, a lot can still happen over the next few races leading to the Silverstone clash of the titans. Who will enter the GP weekend on top? Will Hamilton be able to please the home crowd? Stay tuned for more insights right here on Pure.com.

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