Lou Bonica



First let me say thank you. It is really appreciated what you have offered to do. That being said…..

My name is Lou Bonica. I am a Senior Executive specializing in Information Services. I align business needs with appropriate technologies providing quality results. I deliver creative business solutions where traditional approaches would take too much time and cost too much money.

I am seeking an opportunity where my unique ability to blend operational and marketing skills with technology can help companies exceed their goals. On the technical side this can be a CIO or VP of IT position or on the business side it can be a position that deals with Sales and Marketing strategies and planning. My targeted geographic area is New Jersey and bordering Pennsylvania areas.

My LinkedIn Profile: bit.ly/9JixaE

My VisualCV: bit.ly/cBJ752

My Online Resume: bit.ly/9wFGHs

Follow Me: www.twitter.com

No cats to take pictures of but I would be willing to get some if that were a requirement of employment.

Thanks again,
Lou Bonica

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