Lou Holtz, Notre Dame, and Inspiration


I’m watching lots of NBA basketball, right now, because nothing else is on TV. I’m reminded of the time my former boss — a SVP of HR — made our entire department watch Do Right with Lou Holtz of Notre Dame.

Our boss was a dude in his mid 40s who hailed from the great state of Indiana. Our department was staffed with women from Chicago, ages 22 to 50, who talked about things like cats, food, and scrapbooking.

Many of you know this story, but I watched that video and openly objected to the idea that Lou Holtz could inspire us to do anything but barf in our mouths. I remember asking, “Isn’t this guy dead?”

He’s not.

Also, Lou Holtz has made a mint on the motivational speaker circuit by telling people to do the right thing and treat people well. It’s obscene. Seriously. It’s as if you paid me a ton of money to tell your employees to wipe their asses after taking a crap. They know to wipe their asses, right? They just need to be motivated. Pay me.

So I wonder — what’s the worst motivational experience you’ve had at work?

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