Love and Drama


I like how HR conferences make me think about love and drama. It is the stuff of life.

This past week, Mark Kelly spoke at the 2013 SHRM Annual Conference where he discussed gun violence and advocacy. He told the story of his wife, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who survived a brutal assassination attempt by a crazy constituent. Although Ms. Giffords continues to improve, she will never be the same woman. When Gabby Giffords joined her husband on stage, my friend Eric wrote this.


Life. Gah. So sad and beautiful. Love trumps tragedy. Courage and bravery trump cowardice. Sometimes the only way to deal with heartache and chaos is to look beyond your own situation and get active. When the worst gets you down, it’s time to advocate on behalf of other people who have it worse. That’s what Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords are doing about gun violence in America.

I have also been thinking about Cy Wakeman’s session at SHRM and her message of ditching drama — at work, at home and in the HR department. Her message of a “drama-free work zone” is very important for people like me because I love drama. On Wednesday night, I was actually shushed by a Human Resources lady at a Kelly Clarkson corporate concert.

I know, I know. Only in HR.

I turned around and started to read this woman the riot act. Nobody tells me to shush at a public event. But in the midst of my boiling rage and righteous indignation, I realized that my goofball behavior (with my best friend of 26 years, by the way) was probably cramping this woman’s style.

Look at me. Just out. of. control.

In the middle of being incredibly pissed off, I realized that all this woman did was ask me to pipe down. That is not a crime. And I chose not to pipe down. What am I gonna do? Hit her Sheesh, no.

So it was over. I suggested we exchange business cards and she politely declined.

And later that night, I was having a conversation with two HR colleagues about work, love, family, politics and personalities. These dear friends of mine had dissenting opinions. I kept saying I DON’T FEEL LIKE I AM BEING HEARD.

I must have said that twenty times (thanks to the champagne).

But then I realized, bah, who gives a shit if I am heard? I know what I believe. And they do hear me, actually. They love me. And we are women with opinions but we are also friends who support one another.

That’s all there is in life.

So this post is meant to remind you to fill your life with love. Push hard to remove the drama. Invest in good, healthy relationships. And when you are the moron, turn it around and change your behaviors.

Those are pretty good lessons from a Human Resources conference.

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