Macy's Sales Take a Hit As My Unemployment Continues


Kiss My Frango Mints, Macy’s!

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I’m not exactly sure if sales at Macy’s are declining; however, I can honestly say that I haven’t had a single Frango Mint during the 2007 holiday season because I don’t have a job.

Normally, my office is flooded with these yummy chocolate truffles. The only reason to stop talking during the month of December is to shove these awesome treats in my mouth. I can eat like — I dunno — five at a time. Shut up, that’s not gross! They melt in your mouth!

I might have to take a ride to Macy’s and treat myself, but Frango Mints aren’t the same since Macy’s took over Marshall Fields. Oh wait, Marshall Fields started outsourcing the creation of Frango Mints when the company was owned by Target.


Sometimes you can’t fight the man.

I see a trip to the mall in my immediate future.

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