Bad at Math


I was reading this list about what Americans believe, and I realized that Americans are stupid as shit.

I’m sorry. We are.

Shut up. I’m not casting dispersions. I am part of that group.

The other night I was trying to do math.  I asked Ken, “What is 5,000 divided by 100?”

He thought I was joking.

I asked, “Is it 500 or 50?”

And he laughed even harder.

And I said, “Shut up, smarty pants. I went to a public high school.”

He said, “So did I.”

But here is where Ken and I differ: he went to high school in the early 80s and I went to high school in the [cough cough sorta early] 90s. My husband is a product of a federal government that actually funded schools and important programs. The late 70s were awful, sure, but some of the things that came out of the Carter Administration (like the Department of Education) were okay.

(Shut up, conservatives. I said some.)

Me? I am a product of the insidious Reagan/Bennett cuts to the Department of Education.


That’s why I worked in Human Resources for twelve years. Because of Reagan. Yeah. That’s right.

(And the answer to 5000/100 is 50. I think.)

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