Matthew Clark


Dear Laurie,

I honestly feel terrible for all of the people caught up in recent layoffs. Layoffs stink and I am no exception…kind of. I am an exception from a different perspective… I have been caught in multiple reductions in force.

1)After leaving the Army in 1997, I went to work for a large regional grocer as a Warehouse Order Selector. I worked my way through the waged, Supervisory and Management ranks to become the Perishable and Frozen Foods Regional Distribution Manager. In 2005, we closed our Northern Division operations.

2)Shortly thereafter, I accepted a position with a large Furniture company as a Distribution Manager. After working for two years, the newly assigned District Manager re-aligned roles in the District which resulted in displacement through the combining of the roles.

3)Most recently, I went to work for a very Large US Hardware and tool Company as a Distribution Manager. In 2009, we experienced a reduction in force and I was lowest on the seniority list.

So, some people consider mine a sad little scenario. And, while it is not the most desirable, I also understand that these corporations had an obligation to the greater populous, not just to me or the few who were released. I have worked diligently to promote my employers and have made significant contributions in each role. But, because of Corporate decisions related to sales, my jobs have been sacrificed, having nothing to do with job performance.

It is for this reason that I have sought out new ways to network and promote myself. But, networking and selling myself has never been my forte’. I have always made my way on my merit and my abilities, not by riding coat-tails. To put it in perspective, I have typically averaged 12 hour days, have not missed a day of work since 1991 and have not been late since 1992. Because I come from a farming background, I am not the flashy sort at work and I hold my responsibilities in high regard.

Most sincerely,

Matthew M. Clark
Operations Management
Charlotte, NC

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