Measuring Passion


Last week, I wrote a very geeky post on metrics. I wanted to think about measuring social media’s impact on career websites.

Out of the blue, Brian Kevin Johnston suggested that we measure passion. He capitalized it and added an exclamation mark.


My first reaction was strong. I’m a cynic and a realistic, and I thought there was no way you can measure passion in a meaningful way and demonstrate the result in an authentic, honest metric. It’s like forcing people to have fun. Just not possible.

Furthermore, I wonder if your organization has any business measuring passion. In my mind, passion is reserved for food, cats, and celebrity gossip. For some people, passion is reserved for love, sex, and beer. You can have a passion for great hotels and you can have passion for beautiful women. Passion for work is fine, but it’s yours. You own it. It doesn’t belong to the company, and I’m not sure if your organization should be measuring it.

Does anyone want to talk about passion, today? Is it a public commodity? What’s the role of passion at work? Should companies quantify it? Should passion be a metric? Is passion a competitive advantage for employees and businesses?

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