Memorial Day Weekend: WHAT R U DOIN?


You’re lucky enough to have an employer that cares about your feelings, meets your every need like a good parent, and doesn’t make you work on a federal holiday. Wow, lucky you!

I have one question for you: what are you doing with your extra day off?

My goals for the weekend (& I’m crossing them off as they are accomplished):

  • Drink Starbucks (ongoing goal — not SMART)
  • Go to the gym 3x 2x 1x Done!
  • Buy flowers & shrubs Done & spent a fortune.
  • Plant flowers in the containers on my porch Done. Pictures forthcoming.
  • Micromanage the husband as he plants the shrubs Done. Also micromanaged plenty of other things because I’m exceeding the expectations of being a shrew.
  • Finally see Iron Man and Indy IV
  • Drink some fruity concoctions (again, not a SMART goal & suggestions are welcome!) Had margaritas and daiquiris. We are boring, yo.
  • Eat some meat (update: this includes copious amounts of bacon) Tonight’s meal is meat kabobs & some veggies — no bacon.

Wow, this doesn’t differ much from my normal week.

What are you doing with your day off? Let me know!

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