Memory Almost Full Because I'm Old and Have Dementia


There are some things I’ll never understand.

  1. Grits and okra
  2. The relationship between physics and math
  3. Baby Boomer nostalgia

There are plenty of things wrong with America, and I believe that much of it can be traced back to the baby boomers’ love of The Beatles. Don’t get me wrong: I like John Lennon and I admire George Harrison. They are both leaders and innovators, and I’m willing to forgive the fact that they are boomer icons.

I just want to know something very simple: Who told Paul McCartney that he is relevant? When I find the guy who encouraged McCartney to produce an album at age 65 and sell it via Starbucks, I’m going to kick that guy in the shins.

[Side note to Baby Boomers: you didn’t invent sex, you weren’t the first generation to experiment with drugs, and you are draining my pension plan. I’m a bitter Gen X woman who will stick you in a shabby nursing home at the first chance I get. Don’t try me.]

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