Michael Vick


I wasn’t going to post anything on Michael Vick because he is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the media often gets the story wrong, and there is nothing HR-related about this case.

Except that the NFL is a business, and I do feel compelled to write.

Many of you know that I’m an animal lover and former president of a local animal rescue. When I read about a local case of animal cruelty, I presume guilt. That’s just how I roll. Animal abuse is everywhere, and our town is especially plagued by people who breed & raise pit bulls for profit.

What’s heartbreaking is to see the aftermath of the profit: if the dogs don’t sell, many breeders will dump these poor pooches on the streets. The story never gets better because the dogs get older, more aggressive, breed like rabits, get into fights, get hit by cars, etc.

The rest of our community is left to clean up the mess of a few profit-hungry assholes.

So let’s just say that this controversy is true and Michael Vick did all the horrible things that are listed on the indictment. What would prompt a man with too much money & too much free time to hurt these poor dogs in such a cruel and sadistic way?

Who the hell knows?! There is no excuse for this behavior.

Vick is responsible for his own actions, but I wonder if the NFL culture of brutality + the macho reputation one must sustain as a professional athlete + too much money + drugs = dog fighting?

I wonder if the NFL will have the cajones to throw Michael Vick out on his ass if only 22% of the charges are true? Will the fans demand it?

I can only speak for myself, but I will never give another dime of my money to the NFL or any of its related endeavors if Michael Vick is found guilty — even of a misdemeanor — and still allowed to play.

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