Michigan Works!


I’m not sure that subject line is true, actually.

Today I will throw on my best yoga pants and go over to the Michigan Talent Bank, where they must verify that my resume is in a database before they’ll release my unemployment check.

That’s right. They have a database linked to the interwebs, but you still must drive over to the office and demonstrate that your resume is indeed on the interwebs.


Laurie, didn’t you add your resume in the official Michigan database from home?

  • Yes, I totally did that. This is just a weird, redundant step in the process meant to inconvenience me. I’m not a woman who appreciates driving my car and wasting gas because the state government hasn’t figured out this whole technology thing. This also infuriates me as the former HR manager of an IT organization. Why even bother with the expense of the internet and database?

Laurie, do you even know where the local Michigan Works office is located?

  • I have no idea. If it’s not near Starbucks or Target, I might not be able to find it.

Laurie, will it be sad when you’re in the office and see near-homeless people who are desperately looking for work?

  • Yes, it will be very sad. I’m a very fortunate woman with luck on my side. I blame George Bush and the GOP for Michigan’s woes. I like to spread the blame around.

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