It’s Friday and normally I run a series called F@%k It Friday. We talk about anything other than work.

Thankfully, there are two special things about this Friday.

  • I am on vacation. It’s awesome.
  • There’s a new group of readers to my blog.

I want to say hello to the Microsoft Global Staffing community!

I am speaking to the global staffing team on September 21st in Seattle. It will be me and Steve Ballmer. Hanging out. Having a good time. Talking about celebrity gossip. Or something. I dunno.

[Oh my god. I think they may have confused me with someone else.]

As a former recruiter and HR lady, I know that recruiters are unsung heroes. So I’ll be talking to staffing professionals about why the Microsoft Global Staffing team makes a difference in this world. We’ll talk about how they are relevant, current, and political. How they change lives and have a direct impact on the innovation agenda at Microsoft.

And we might talk about my cats. I dunno.

If you work at Microsoft and want to say hi, leave a comment. I’ll be sure to say hi to you from the stage.

Or better yet, please leave a comment or email me if you have a story to share about Microsoft, why you love your job, or why you stay at Microsoft when there are opportunities for you to leave.

Schwoo. I think we’ll have some fun on September 21st.

And everyone else… don’t miss this chance. If you are looking for work, leave a comment with a link to your LinkedIn profile. Tell a Microsoft recruiter why you are a good candidate. Jobs can be found here, yo.

PS — My friend Neil says that my teeth look like they glow in the dark. I will tell you something: I’ve never had them whitened. I just use Crest. Honest to god. So save yo’selves the money if you’re buying trays. Just buy fancy toothpaste. And since it’s sorta F@%k It Friday, tell me what toothpaste you use.

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