Minor League team to host "Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day"


There are many reasons to love minor league baseball, even if you aren’t a fan of baseball itself.

  • This is an industry that always gets it right. Whether it’s fireworks after the game or twenty-five cent hot dogs, the owners attempt to market themselves as an alternative to the expensive day at the major league ballpark. Try to spend $10 at Wrigley Field and you’ll get nothing more than a beer.
  • Minor league baseball teams are generous to the community. Our local team hosts adoption events for dogs, gives out free tickets to underprivileged children, and donates a cut from the ticket prices to the not-for-profit community.

You don’t have to be a baseball lover or someone who cares about sports to enjoy a minor league baseball game. It’s about the atmosphere, the community, and a love guerrilla marketing and cheap beer.

Minor League team to host “Michael Vick Animal Awareness Day”

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