Today Is The Day: The Empire Strikes Blond!


Remember when Diddy ran the NYC Marathon? No. Nobody remembers that.

According to MTV, he had eight weeks of intensive training and dieting, two weeks abstention from sex, and he only had one party each week.

What a pussy.

Less than five weeks ago, I learned that I was selected to run up the Empire State Building. I’ve never done anything like this in my life — so of course I talked Colleen into doing it with me. Andy my training routine isn’t anything like Diddy’s.

  • I am doing Pilates, the StairMaster (no hands) and the steps at Wallace Wade stadium because I live in a town without skyscrapers.
  • I haven’t been dieting. In fact, I have gained weight because I am eating grits with double-butter. I am so hungry from the two-a-day cardio.
  • And I haven’t abstained from sex.

I am down to one party/week…

…but it’s a party in my pants so it feels like two parties.

This is all to say that I am about to get some exercise and I’m looking for encouragement and support. The slowest person climbed the stairs in 43:00, last year. I can beat that.


Wish me luck. Please?

PS — I’ve had 80+ people donate for well over $3,000. The average donation is $42.00. That’s great! Thank you!

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