Mobile Recruiting & Job Seekers


Have you ever used your mobile phone to apply for a job? Have you ever filled a position using mobile recruiting tools?

Both scenarios are the way of the future according to my friends Chris Hoyt and Michael Marlatt. With four billion mobile devices in the world, job seekers and potential candidates are everywhere — and there are always jobs  to be filled. It’s becoming clear to companies that candidates and future employees don’t need to sit at home and send PDF copies of their resumes.

There’s a new way of recruiting out there. It’s mobile.


So, okay, life is going mobile. What does this mean for you as a job seeker?

Well, companies are starting to make their career sites mobile-friendly. As a job seeker, you can use mobile apps for the iPhone (and other devices) and apply for a job in an instant — without fancy documents or widgets. Furthermore, once a company captures your information, the possibilities are endless. Businesses can send you text messages when they are hiring, they can contact you and ask if you’re still interested in a future opportunity, or they can text you and ask for a referral for a tough-to-fill job.


So I have some questions for you.

  • Have you ever applied for a job through your phone? What was it like?
  • Does your company care about mobile recruiting?
  • Are you interested in applying for a job through your phone?

Here’s my most pressing question: does a mobile-enhanced career website mean anything to you as a job seeker?

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