Monday Morning HR Humor: Leif Needs a Job at an Ad Agency


There’s a big discussion about whether or not HR is dead.

Some say that HR is a redundant and outmoded department that adds no value. Others say that HR is alive and kicking. We operate as strategic leaders and thinkers. When we’re doing HR right, we are focused on linking profit, results and people into a comprehensive strategy.

    Unfortunately, I know that very few people in HR who attain the status and influence in a company to positively impact the organization. Most people deal with immature employees and job seekers who call incessantly — even when you’re in the role of VP of HR at a major organization. How do I know this? You guys are sending me proof.

    I’m going to start publishing (with your permission) some of the items in my inbox. Memos. Email messages. Recordings. I’m loaded, and it’s time to show the world what Real HR deals with on a daily basis.

    First up? Leif. The poor guy needs a job. Listen to his voicemail message.

    When Leif can call into a company and reach the CEO or CMO as easily as he can reach the leader of a Human Resources department, my work with this blog will be done.

    In the meanwhile, send me your crazy email messages, voicemail messages, and anything that showcases the utter sadness of your job in HR. I’ll post your items (anonymously of course) on Mondays.

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