Monday Morning HR Humor: Larry Winget


I’m off to NYC and Texas, this week, for HR-related conferences. While I’m away, let me introduce you to Larry Winget via Lance Haun.

Your kids are your own fault. Here’s the other problem. You’re telling your little princess she is special. Let me help you with this. Not to me!

“You can’t make employees happy. Here’s why. You can’t make anyone else happy. Not if they don’t wanna be. The last thing I want is someone showing up trying to make me happy. You can’t happy me into happy.”

OMG. It’s not funny but it sorta is.

But this dude has been on Larry King and I have not.

It’s called work for a reason. So true. Can’t argue with any of it.

I will not be this engaging. Ever. In my whole life. Because I don’t have a goatee, obvs.

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