Monday Morning HR Humor: Cat-Proof Your Computer


Scrubby is a handsome devil. He is also a chewer and a jumper. He likes to eat cords — probably because he’s a natural snake hunter — and he likes to jump up on my desk and get into my business.

My buddy Romeo the Cat hooked me up with a deal for Surdoc, which is a website that will automatically back up computer files. This way Scrubby can’t jack up my computer and lose my files.

You can have a free 30 GB account, too, if you use the code CATPROOF.

Is your cat a jerk? Has he spilled water on your PC? Hit a wrong button on your Mac and killed a file? Let me know. Romeo is donating $500 to a cat blogger’s favorite charity for participating.

Tell me your story and maybe we’ll win something!

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