Monday Morning HR Humor: Jobinions


My good friends over at Bad Consultant have created a new tool called Jobinions.

Because we don’t believe that working life has to be the masochism that we’ve been led to believe. It is possible to enjoy your work. To enjoy your job. To enjoy your colleagues. And more than that, it is possible for companies to actually believe that your talent is something they should solicit, encourage and reward. So, Jobinions is here for you to help others know just whether your company, or a company you interviewed with, is living up to the challenge.

We want you to tell it like it is. Honestly. Transparently. With respect. Dish the dirt. What works? What doesn’t? Where does your company get it just right? And where do they act like making you want to work there is the last thing they ever wanted to do? Do leaders inspire you? Does your manager want you to succeed? Do you find joy with your team-mates even in the hardest of times?

C’mon… What do you really want to share about your company?

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