Monday Morning HR Humor: The Winner


We had 50 entries for the Totally Inappropriate HR Karaoke Song Contest, and choosing the winner was difficult. You guys are brill.i.ant and amazing.

Some of the submissions were hysterical, some were just cringeworthy, and all of them are NSFW. I tried to imagine myself as a responsible HR professional at a company-sponsored karaoke event — standing on the stage, mike in my hand, and wearing a Talbots suit and comfortable Aerosoles pumps. What kind of trouble would I cause if I sang any of these 50 songs?

In the end, I chose BellePepper’s entry. She submitted F**k the Pain Away by Peaches. It’s a song that would get any HR practitioner fired in a heartbeat.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a song. This was a great contest & I’m happy to know that my readers are a bunch of perverts creative geniuses.

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