Monday Morning SHRM Update: UR DOIN IT WRONG


Well, punk rockers, I’m here at SHRM and I am tired. No coffee, yet, and I’m dying. I’m also wearing Ann Taylor pants, an Ann Taylor shirt, and my doc martens. I have second-day hair because I really hate washing my hair, blow drying it, etc., in a hotel room.

But I digress.

Just like a Human Resources meeting, the shuttle bus from the hotel was late. Now I’m sitting on the floor of McCormick Place, up against a speaker system, listening to Patrick Lencioni. He’s talking about work, simplicity, and loving what you do.

I would totally love giving speeches to large audiences about self-actualization and your inner potential to find joy in your job. (As if joy is something we’re entitled to, right?)

Bah, I need some coffee and I have some shout-outs:

  • The SHRM Target booth gave me a $5 gift card. Hells yeah, they are my first shout out.
  • Amy from Ghirardelli gave me her business card wrapped in a box of chocolate. That was my breakfast since the line at Starbucks is monstrous. Thank you!
  • Sean at EBI tried to give me a hat. Thanks, buddy, but the hat looks better on you.
  • Peter Weddle was awesome and gracious and tremendously interesting. I didn’t have a business card for him, which I totally regret.
  • The 1-800-Dentist team is here and they gave me a toothbrush. I told them that I’ve never had a cavity and that I use a Sonicare toothbrush, and they team offered their congratulations.

More later. Here are two more albums from the SHRM event.


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