Money & HR Don't Mix


My posts on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the current financial crisis on Wall Street are the least popular posts that I have written in months. I’m not going to blame myself, though. We all know that I’m a brilliant financial analyst who is just moments away from being offered a job as Cody Willard‘s new partner on Fox Business News.

I’m blaming you, my HR readers, who are fulfilling the stereotype of the typical Human Resources pro.

  • All about team-building & relationships
  • and devoid of any business sense & financial savvy.

Is the rumor true? Do you lack the basic financial knowledge, skills, and abilities to be taken seriously by your peers at the office? Are you disconnected from the turmoil at AIG because you’re too busy conducting sexual harassment seminars? Do you fall into a coma when you hear the words LEHMAN BROTHERS because you are underpaid, anyway, and financial news doesn’t impact you when you’re poor?

Talk to me, people. Do HR pros care about the troubles on Wall Street?

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